Friday, 16 March 2012


semalam... hm... semalam.. kami JALANII CARI MAKAN~ d KK..
                             sana di Pasar malam dekat filipin..
terbaeek..kami makan, Soto Makasar yum..yum..yum...

this my aunty punya soto makasar with amburas@Boras.

ou.. look at that, adingky.. with her pose

this my MUM punya soto makasar without hati and Amburas.

yeah.. this me and my MUM.. grrr~ i love you MUM..

this is my aunty...  yum2...

my MUM, put some blanded chili... lil bit spicy.. but she like it..

tyme to my mum put her Ambras@Boras in the soto Makasar.


yeah. this mine.. soto makasar + yellow mee + 2 slice of Amburas@Boras
boiled egg.. 

after eat.. we going to JALANII at night market...

this my Mum looking for "Mangga Air"

sambal belacan ingredient 

how far it.. IDK..

yeah.. this is what we called "TUHAU" not tauhu okay..
but i don't likeit.. hhaa~

finally, we'll see you "MANGGA AIR"

yum.. yumm.. jagung kukus and kacang tanah kukus.

this is.. mangga air + salt + a bit of chili...
yum..yum.. what people say "KEMBANG LIUR"

avacado,.. kupas the kupit and cut like dadu shape..
put sum susu pekat and air... grrr~...  "speechless"

this is what we call "LATO" yum. yumm
okay.. don't judge it by it's out look okay, test first lah.. hahhhaa~

hhmmmppp.. i dont know what is this.. but it test so good.. 

ikan..ikan..ikan.. Rm 5 each... still fresh...
nah.. "big fish" like adingky say...

before go back home, we singgah at papar, restorans sebelah petronas,..

it's look like so "delicious"
well it's true.. yum.. yum...~

mmm.. im full.... after that we're going back to 

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